Apples are probably the most ‘mainstream’ fruit, I can think of. None the less; they are bloody genius. They come into season just after most other fruits have wilted away, and if stored correctly they can keep for a long time. If that isn’t enough, these little gems can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes. They can be canned or juiced, they can be made into cider or vinegar. Throw them in stews, make sauces or chutneys, bake a cake or serve them roasted with your Christmas dinner! Of course you can eat them raw, but – we are a bit late into the season, so I would for sure recommend that you use apples for something a bit less… raw.

For this round of apple recipes, we gotta go for the Christmas theme. Apples are great for Christmas, as they go so perfectly with all the Christmas spices and are great as a side for fatty meat or cheese. So – we’ll be serving up:


Apples come in many different kinds; each deserves a post on their own. Red and Golden Delicious are sweet and great for eating fresh. Braeburn and Fuji are slightly more tart – personally my favourites. And then you have the cooking apples, such as Bramley. However, this is just a few.

Which ever apples you do buy, please, please, please buy organic. Because we eat the skin of the apples, and because they are grown on trees and not in the dirt, they NEED to be organic, or else they will be covered in chemicals. I promise you that it is worth it, if not for the flavour, than to protect your own health!  If you still end up buying non-organic apples, soak them in your sink in cold water and vinegar to dissolve the worst wax off the skin, and flush under cold water, before drying with a clean towel.


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