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St. Patrick’s Day Irish Stew with Porter and Quince

St. Patrick's Day Irish Stew with Porter and Quince

Though stews are really for winter, St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and it started snowing a bit in Copenhagen today. So I used this as an excuse to cook up a pimped, no-potato Irish Stew, with a tangy quince twist. It takes hours to cook, so you can leave it on low heat while you are enjoying the St. Paddy day parade or the pub with friends, and it will be ready when you come home.

Oven Pulled Pork

4 spoons with various spices

I am a huge fan of slow food. Anything that uses a few ingredients and take days to cook; I’ll love it. But these dishes seems to be going out of fashion – people want something that is fast and convenient. Cheap cuts that need slow cooking, are being pushed out the supermarkets by dry chicken-breasts and generic beef mince. But – if there is anything that can bring the appreciation for ‘slow’ back, it’s pulled pork!

Best Coconut Macaroons In The World

I really fell in love with coconut macaroons when I started to eat less gluten. I think they are the closest you can get to a regular cake without flour, and they are utterly delicious and easy to make. During my thesis process, my partner Julia and I became slightly addicted to these gems – in particular the ones sold in the cantine at our university. So,  when we graduated it became my mission to recreate the perfect coconut macaroon. 

Maple & Apple Butter

Apple butter is a little known condiment outside of USA, but once you get to know it, it’s a relationship you will cherish forever. It actually has nothing to do with butter, but is rather a type of slow-cooked, spiced apple sauce. This particular one is made using only maple syrup as a sweetener, making it natural, wintery and warming.

Boozy Mulled Apple Juice


I went to Lübeck a few weeks ago with a group of friends. This little German town is famous for its Christmas markets, and it is truly magical walking through the historic streets, in the snow, surrounded by friends and with a glass of mulled wine in your hand. However, after a weekend in good company, and therefore with a little bit too much mulled wine (if ya catch ma drift), I really struggle with the thought of another glass of the stuff. As I am not willing to give up boozy, warm drinks at Christmas time in general, I thought it was necessary to come up with an alternative.

Spiced Apple Chutney


I made this a few months ago, and it is just simply delicious. It’s sweet and scrumptious, and a great to cheese, meats or cold pies – perfect for Christmas! Though chutneys are not big in Denmark, I fell absolutely in love with them, when I lived in England. It’s not only the perfect way to preserve fruit and veg, it is also just… amazing.



Apples are probably the most ‘mainstream’ fruit, I can think of. None the less; they are bloody genius. They come into season just after most other fruits have wilted away, and if stored correctly they can keep for a long time. If that isn’t enough, these little gems can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes. They can be canned or juiced, they can be made into cider or vinegar. Throw them in stews, make sauces or chutneys, bake a cake or serve them roasted with your Christmas dinner! Of course you can eat them raw, but – we are a bit late into the season, so I would for sure recommend that you use apples for something a bit less… raw.

Raw Brownie Truffles


These little bundles of joy have been a staple in my fridge since I started my gluten-free diet. They are made solely using ingredients you can have in your store-cupboard at any time. They are gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, raw and free of processed sugar. I dare you not to love them. To make it even better, you can make truffles like these or simple brownie bars. Great for sweet snack or as a compliment to a good cup of coffee.

Rabbit Rillette

I first attempted my way with rilette this summer. My bestie, Julia, and I were so lucky we were offered to borrow my uncle’s farm house for two weeks, in exchange for flower-watering. The place is truly beautiful – possibly one of my favourite places in the whole world. The farm dates back several 100 years and has had some historical battles go down there. It’s located on peninsula in the beautiful area of Limfjorden, and comes complete with livestock, ghosts, lake, beach, forrest, heath, viking graves, apple-grove and amazing wildlife. As if that wasn’t enough, my uncle was so generous to leave behind a freezer full of lamb from the property and locally shot game.

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