Good Reads

I spend hours every day reading other people’s blogs, and getting inspiration – arguably I have too much time. However, it would be wrong of me to not share these beautiful blogs with you, so here is a collection of the blogs that I personally recommend – I encourage you all to give them a try.

Cookie + Kate
I think Kate and I might be kindred spirits. Her beautiful vegetarian, whole foods recipe can make anyone enter the kitchen, and then she has a great, down to earth approach to cooking.

Fifth Floor Cooking
Though a fellow Dane, Kristina also blogs in English. From Copenhagen, living in an apartment and often living on a budget, we share similar values, and you are therefore bound to love her recipes if you like mine.

Great site, and though it features many raw recipes , this little family understands to enjoy the good things in life and never go overboard with anything. Great for ideas on how to live a healthy and happy life.

Happy Yolks
Inspirational blog, with unique insights into the joyous lives and dreams of Kelsey and Shaun. Even more so, this blog features some of the best and most unique food photography I have seen in a long time, and makes you feel like you are part of the experience, right there in the kitchen.

Mira Arkin 
Mira blogs in Danish, but she is well worth a Google Translate if you enjoy great and doable recipes, as well as tales from a life as a foodie, food-writer and stylist.

Caitlin of Roost appears to be living in a beautiful, mysterious world, I am yet to experience. However, her beautiful photography and tales about romance, weddings, food and life, can inspire anyone to cook some of her amazing grain- and sugar free recipes. 

Smitten Kitchen
Smitten Kitchen is really the food blog of all food blogs. Simple, but beautiful photography, but mostly really great and easy to follow recipes. Updates regular, and a huge back-catalogue of deliciousness for you to catch up on.

What Katie Ate
Not only does Katie feature delicious recipes, her photography is simply out of this world! I turn to this blog to remind myself just how important aesthetics and presentation is, when working with food.

Important: I do not do ‘link swapping’, and any blog featured on this site is here because I think it deserves to be read by more people. If you think I would enjoy your blog too, feel free to email me a link, but this does not mean that I will automatically share it with others.