Pumpkin season is here. That makes me extra-ordinarily happy. I have a strong love for this little bugger – mostly because you can do so much with it. And I am not just talking about carving it into scary faces, though that is a big part of it.

Halloween was not a big thing when I was kid, and neither were pumpkins. But as little Denmark has slowly been American-ized, we have also adopted the Halloween tradition, and thus I find the supermarkets packed with delicious pumpkins every year. Unfortunately, I also know that many of my friends merely carve it and throw out what is left. I know Halloween has been and passed, and your pumpkins have probably shriveled up to pathetic, wrinkly imitations of what they used to be. But – for the clever, country eater this also means that pumpkins are way cheaper now than just a few weeks ago.

So get yourself some pumpkins, or – if you are already rocking country eating – get the flesh you saved out of the freezer. And prepare yourself for 3 delicious pumpkin recipes:


Personally I prefer Hokaido pumpkins. I think their knobbly outside looks great in my window, but I also think they taste better. Though the big pumpkins are great for the front garden, they just don’t have as much flavour as their smaller siblings.

So, why not surprise your kids with a post-Halloween pumpkin-carving day. Or just buy them to cook with them. Either way – you won’t regret it when you tug into your pumpkin risotto or spiced latte. Promise!




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