The Idea

Every year before Christmas my parents would buy half a pig from the next door farmer (yes – an actual half pig) and prepare all the cuts for different purposes. Nothing was wasted and the pig would provide meat for months. To be honest, I probably did not appreciate my parents intentions back then, and only remember it so clearly because of the year my dad almost cut of his thumb in the process and had to spend 6 hours in A&E with a hygiene-pad wrapped around his hand to stop the bleeding. Nevertheless, the story stays with me and has somewhat inspired the idea behind this blog.

I dream of one day owning a farm, where I can grow my own vegetables and enjoy an endless supply of fresh eggs from my own chickens. At the moment I have to make do with .02 acres of (beautiful) apartment in central Copenhagen (hence the name) and get my country kicks from the local farmer’s market and endless visits to my family. However, this has not stopped me from adopting the values behind that half pig and country eating in general; to eat food that is:

  • Seasonal
  • Local
  • Organic
  • Economical

Add in the modern values of a varied and healthy diet, and you have my kitchen and this blog. With this I hope to inspire people to adopt just a few of these concepts and thereby partake in some clever cooking, making it possible to eat delicious, nutritious and sustainable meals without having to spend excessive amount of money.

Simply, it’s about valuing the ingredients, using them intelligently and never wasting anything.